Where are we going

We named ourselves as “Curious Wanderers”, and being curious isn’t easy at all! Our curiosity was put to the test even before we started our trip when thinking about … where the hell to start? However, after considering how much money we have at our disposal, and how much does a long-term trip actually cost, we figured out that we wouldn’t be very original. As most of the backpackers, we went for the cheapest destination – SE Asia. But, fortunately, Asia isn’t only the cheapest way to travel, but it is also the most spiritual continent of the world, which means that it doesn’t only offer its beautiful nature and history, but also other dimensions we are both eager to learn about.

We were born on the 19th of October of 2014, just a couple of hours ago when we boarded a nine-hour train from Ljubljana to Belgrade where we’ll spend two days, and then continue to Colombo, Sri Lanka. I guess Sri Lanka will be the only place where we’ll be time-limited as we decided to buy our tickets to India beforehand. But the basic idea of our trip is to travel freely, without limitations. We will spend as much time in each country as we wish, moving slower or faster, depending on how we feel and how we like the place we’re visiting.

asia_mapFor the first few months, which apart of Sri Lanka and India also include Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines, we’ll be travelling with our savings, but the idea is to continue our trip for as long as we can and wish, so sooner or later we’ll have to find ourselves temporary jobs that will allow us to finish our trip on the other part of the world.

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